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Odysseus may have encountered some difficulties during his wanderings, but the month he spent with Aeolus was a month of feasting in paradise. Tables overflowed with lobsters, shrimp, and oysters… brought by Pescadores in capacious baskets made from palm leaves. Today these baskets carry all kinds of delicacies, dreams and desires.

The sun and the sea during the day, the moon and the stars at night – dreams and desires are are everywhere in PANAREA is all about.

Approximate measurements are:
Handle drop: 5 inches/13 cm
Height: 5 ½ inches/14 cm
Width: 8 ¾ inches/22 cm
Depth: 4 ½ inches/12 cm


 United States and non-EEC countries : $42.00   Sale $20.00
 Countries within EEC (including VAT)  : 34.00 €  Sale 15.00 €

Espadrille PANAREA bottom


Espadrille PANAREA style




$ 42.00 | 34.00 € | $ 20.00 | 15.00



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Espadrilles in the beach
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