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A charmed quarter in an enchanted city - TRIANA - in Sevilla is the inspiration behind this bag. One sees Senoras and Senoritas wearing beautifully embroidered silk shawls from the orient with an innate gracefulness that evokes mystery, intrigue and the romance of prior centuries.

100% embroidered silk exterior – front is fully embroidered with roses, back has one embroidered rose. Cotton lining with interior zipper pocket. Zipper closing easily fits over shoulders. At its widest, bag measures 15 ½ inches. At center, bag measures 7 ½ inches. Depth of bag is 2 inches.


 United States and non-EEC countries : $75.00   Sale $52.50
 Countries within EEC (including VAT)  : 68.00 €  Sale 48.00 €

Espadrille TRIANA bottom


Espadrille TRIANA style




$ 75.00 | 68.00 € | $ 52.50 | 48.00



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Espadrilles in the beach
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