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In the winter of 1838 George Sand and her lover Frederick Chopin, had to flee Paris. Searching for a warm and sunny sanctuary, they landed on the island of Mallorca and settled in the village of VALLDEMOSSA. One can still dream along the banks of brooks or among fields of wildflowers in the countryside surrounding the monastery where they lived. Inspired by this romantic spirit, we have named this basket VALLDEMOSSA.

Removable floral print cotton bag is secured to the straw basket with fuchsia colored gross-grain ribbons. The bag measures: 18 1/2 inches by 16 inches. The oval shaped straw basket measures: length - 14 inches; height - 5 1/2 inches and the width a bit more than 10 inches. Handlesare 6 inches high.

As these baskets are special order items, they are not returnable.

Made in Spain.


 United States and non-EEC countries : $72.00   Sale $49.00
 Countries within EEC (including VAT)  : 60.00 €  Sale 42.00 €
An additional $15.00 (12.00 €) will be added for shipping and handling

Espadrille VALLDEMOSSA bottom


  • White with pink and blue flowers
  • Navy with pink flowers
Espadrille VALLDEMOSSA style




$ 72.00 | 60.00 € | $ 49.00 | 42.00

An additional $15.00 (12.00 €) will be added for shipping and handling


Espadrilles in the beach
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